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Water Footprint- Learn to Save Water Usage

Water Footprint

Learn How to use the water Footprint to save the water on our planet  by Amaan Rushdi (WKU)
Credit: WaterHub/WaterFootPrint

Rivers play an important role in the modern human lifestyle, including supporting the natural resources that provide us with food, energy, transport, and recreation. However, industrialization and the increased demand for processed products such as food, clothing, and stationery have resulted in high levels of pollution that may have serious consequences on human life. Human activities over the years have changed the course of nature resulting in a more unsustainable environment that may not support human life in the near future (National Geographic, 2016). As such, it is recommended that people should be aware of the water footprint, and make changes to reduce their consumption of water through various ways such as their diet, energy consumption, and living space.

Based on the results of my water footprint, there are several areas where I can make improvements to reduce my water footprint, which is higher than the average. First, changing the diet to include more fruits and vegetables and less meat and dairy products will help to reduce my footprint significantly. I also drink at least four cups of coffee daily and likely I takeaways 140 gallons of water per day. I need to reduce it.  Producing, processing and transporting animal products is water intensive, and may require more water resources than the Earth can provide to sustain my lifestyle and that of many Americans. In contrast, vegetables and fruits require less processing and may even be consumed raw thus saving a lot of energy and keeping the environment clean. Second, I will also reduce my energy consumption by ensuring that my home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and other electronics are energy-efficient. Also, I will include green energy sources in my home such as solar panels to complement that from the conventional utility.  Traveling with airplane also consume a lot of water due to energy. In the future, I will figure out how to take my vacation trips wisely. Finally, the amount of water that I use in the home will be monitored to maintain a minimum level, thus reducing my overall water footprint and I took the pledge to help save Colorado River.


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