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Whiten your teeth at home with Amazing Toothpaste Beauty Hacks

Whiten your teeth at home with Amazing Toothpaste Beauty Hacks

 How to whiten your teeth at home less than 3 minutes 

Hack! Hack! Naturally, make your own toothpaste at home Avoid the highest cost from dentists. You the remedy at your kitchen.

Simple Ingredients: 

Lime or lemon juice Soda or baking soda Oil: Coconut oil, vitamin E, etc. & Salt 
Adding more ingredients based on your choices.

How to?

Brush your teeth 2-3 times per week with the above natural made toothpaste. You will see the results.

Responsibilities to viewers

Note: this video doesn't replace any kinds of dental treatment and advises, please consult your dentists for any dental issues. 

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