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Auto mechanical physical hazards

Last updated on December 25, 2020

Description and Impact on Human Health: Auto mechanical physical hazards refer to injuries that result directly or indirectly to workers in the process of repairing, overhauling an automobile car. The hazards they are exposed to include trauma disorders, cuts, and burns, and toxic injuries. Mechanic’s awkward positions expose them to injuries of the spine and a musculoskeletal system such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain during lifting of heavy loads. They are also susceptible to electrical and chemical burns, cuts from the metals at the garage, and chemical inhalation. Exposure mechanisms inhalation, ingestion, and contact through the skin, eyes, and lungs. Brake fluids can result in dermatitis in some individuals, irritation of the eyes by fumes; inhalation of asbestos is related to lung cancer and acute/chronic musculoskeletal problems resulting from physical injuries and positions assumed at work (Dick et al., 2016).

Susceptible Groups: The age groups at risk are welders, mechanics, the extremes of age, pregnant women, female workers, those with co-existing medical conditions such as asthma, and the physically disabled. They are at risk of falls and fractures, exposure to nephrotoxic agents, exposure of unborn babies to teratogens, worsening of medical illnesses, musculoskeletal problems, exposure to toxic metals such as mercury and lead in paint and other occupational injuries (Dick et al., 2016).

Monitoring and Assessment: Monitoring includes closely tracking potential hazards, mortality statistics, epidemiological surveys, and defining acceptable levels of exposure to physical health hazards in an attempt to limit the exposures below dangerous levels. Several methods can be employed such as; licensing or prohibiting dangerous machines, enforcing exposure limits, enforcing health and safety protections for the workers, and implementation guidelines that govern levels of the hazards in the environment (Dick et al., 2016). The regular medical checkup should be performed to assess for occupational injuries at the workplace. The statistics include an estimated rate of work-related injuries, percentage of partially disabled persons of working age, rate of early retirement due to occupational accidents, and frequency of injuries and duration of sick leaves.

Regulatory Frameworks: Auto mechanics ought to improve the safety of their workers through three different OSHA regulatory mechanisms which include disclosure of information, provision of the right equipment, and regular inspection and maintenance of the machinery (Denton, 2016). Alberta OSH legislation also has specific codes that apply to physical hazards, for example, Mechanical hazards- part 15 of the code, falling hazards- part 8 and noise hazard-part 16. The Work Health Safety (WHS) Act has been beneficial to both Commonwealth and workplaces (Dick et al., 2016). Locally, the young people are prohibited by law from participating in these activities. These are meant to improve the worker’s safety, motivate them, and reduce injuries related to work. They, however, come with expenses, for example, regular maintenance may be expensive for some firms, provision of protective equipment may also be costly and some of the workers may not work optimally are understanding the kind of dangers they are exposed to.

Policy Recommendations for the Physical Exposure: Auto mechanical physical hazards, I will suggest that the workers should be made aware of the dangers they are exposed to for them to take extra caution when handling such machinery and chemicals. In this way, they will use the protective gear well and minimize the time of exposure.

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