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Individual Level Health Assessment

Last updated on January 7, 2021

How to Conduct the Individual Level Health Assessment, Research Paper. General description: Subjective and objective evaluation tools exist to facilitate individual-level assessment for an employee’s physical activities within the workplace. They include but not limited to self-reports, questionnaires, blood tests, and mental checkup among others (Johnson et al., 2018).

These approaches are meant to ensure that by introducing the Worksite Health Promotion (WHP) program it is possible to identify and set criteria for using the identified approaches to gather feedback and customize an assessment tool for evaluating the level of physical activity performed by every individual (CDC, 2020). What Assessment tools are available for us to be assessed. The following table just showing an example how to utilization the Individual Level health Assessment tools. There are also Organization level Health Assessment Viable in other research paper too.

Category of assessmentIndividual Level Assessment toolPurposeUtilizationCharacteristicsStrengths/weaknesses
Report-based assessmentDiaries-They are crucial for recording daily activities or details of an event upon occurrence (Lallemand, 2012).-Provide data for measuring energy expended daily or per a PA event (Lallemand, 2012).  -It contains the date, day and time of entry. -A brief description of the item is recorded. -It is usually written in the first person by the person who conducted a certain activity (Lallemand, 2012).On the bright side, a diary comprehensive obtaining of longitudinal information about individual physical activity. This allows users to show details of daily impressions and emotions associated with conducting a certain physical activity- Nevertheless, depending on the criteria used for recording data, it can pose significant challenges to interpret what is recorded (Lallemand, 2012).    
Assessment Tool Example

Examples and critique of each individual level assessment. A study by Dugdill et al., (2008) has done well in demonstrating the use of report-based assessment as a tool for evaluating the level of physical activity among individuals in different work sites within the British City Southwest England region. Using mixed methods design with a cross-over trial on concurrent focus groups, the study identified three workplaces involving two private companies and a government-based organization. Based on a purposeful selection of participants, two mood diary questionnaires were given to employees who conducted physical activities on-site.

The participants were given a variety of choices for PA mope of exercising, the intensity, and the period of conducting the activity. Using the evidence from self-reported assessment, it possible to understand how PA contributes to improving the worker’s mood and the level of performance improved significantly with the use of self-reports.  Based on the self –reports, it was determined that indeed there are certain behaviors that if sustained well in the workplaces and within the current work patterns can facilitate the individual performance of PA. This is a portion of the paper- you can download the full PDF paper and references below. Also Check out the Academica Post.

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Individual Level Health Assessment

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