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Do you think serving your country is beneficial?

Last updated on December 25, 2020

Do you think serving your country is beneficial? There is vastly misinformation regarding the hooks of serving your country. You can serve or work for the government, local, state, and federal; the structures lead to the same perspectives. Many people got confuses due to the proclamation of political views of differently. Let say- you work for a non-profit agency or organization as a community service work or you just named it, you are literally providing the services to communities as city or state levels, what do people seem you for your works?

Think about your earning came from in the first moment. Meaning, all non-profit organizations appointed by the city and state levels are receiving some kinds of grants or funding from the government. One thing keeps in mind, stated in Wikipedia, under federal tax code- A 501(c) organization is a nonprofit organization in the federal law of the United States according to Section 501(c) and is one of over 29 types of nonprofit organizations exempt from some federal income taxes. Sections 503 through 505 set out the requirements for obtaining such exemptions. The code is explained here with a clear statement to everyone.

Do you think serving your country is beneficial? Yes. It is beneficial somehow under the federal tax code such student loan repayment forgiveness due to low income, there is not a much to benefit yourself and your family. Non-profit workers may not have saving retirement benefits, life, and health insurance, or so on. However, many people find that enjoyable to work in the organization. City and state government workers have more benefit spots when compare to non-profits. In Private Non-profit sectors, most of the jobs and positions may not guarantee you for life long (social work, human services, and case manager), and also the promotion is not possible unless you know the director or management very well in person or more. Now—-do you think about working with tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Amazon? LOLL- this is just a funny joke! And do not think too much. They were no different from the power of government— LOLL.

Keep saying many people find it enjoyable to work. Think about this and you still serve your country as a civilian to assist the government as a backbone because, without a Non-Profit Organization, the government may barely standstill. Meaning as a civilian, you still support your city, state, and the federal government. Be proud of yourself because they need to need you.

Let talk about Federal works and their benefits, they pertain to have more access to benefits such as 401-K, retirement plan, life, and health insurance, discount home loan and car loans

, travel discounts, family member benefits and so much more. If you want to know and learn more about it, check out benefits for a federal employee here. Federal employment-not the easy trip to get into it. Unless you are a server of your country. So— yes, it is very beneficial to still serve your country. When you read this post—go ahead and forget about serving your country as military member because there are so many steps to take to become one. You must be physically and mentally fit with at least a high school or GED——education levels. Right serving your country is beneficial either way in most countries but chose your choices wisely.

All those government jobs either nonprofits or profits are based on political mindsets and powers to gain more spaces. There are many broken systems for all settings and firms. It is taking longer to figure out unless you are in it. LOLL, this is a joke! But it was not—- mind the words here. If you follow and read the news or do more homework—research in each of the government systems— the only one answer you find is —broken. The word “politic” is very strong in mindsets with no integrity and ethic, but politely only when your are not yelling. This word follows the meaning of abusive powers, control powers, and both physical and mental corruption. Nowadays, there is a Non-leader will be — Alexander the Great back from history. Right, serving your country is beneficial if you are a very smart one. If you know to catch the souls of your leader, supervisor, and co-workers to make them happy. This will never happen in cooperation profit firms, but most seem in nonprofit organizations. Let make friends, bring donuts, coffees, or small presents..! or sweet talk to your director or management, you will see faster result in promotion. If you choose this route you will serve longer and get promoted faster————very LOLL and keep it as a JOKE. Not really a joke, it is the 79 percent truth in reality in non-profit organizations, you will have to dance in this trip. Now that, you are serving your country with a huge advantage from the corrupters! Finally, this is a real Joke from Mr. Jokers!

Still not finish yet— more in coming up soon! Please do not forget to comment and feedback on what do you think about this post.

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