The Nobel Coronavirus 2019-nCOV Out Break.

The Nobel Coronavirus 2019-nCOV Out Break left the word most in fearful. The Nobel China Corona-virus outbreak continually rises to 2020. As the virus carries on from Wuhan, China is growing the cases, it is alerting the world which lead them to feeling the most fear in recent year. This virus invades the Wuhan, China where the Wuhan seafood market that also sold live animals in other word the raw different animals. According to the China Health Post, the virus is Zoonotic- meaning transmitted from animal to human. Most researchers and scientists believes that the life cycle of the corona-virus from the bet to snake and then to human.

Translated in Burmese
Translated by HWB

The Nobel China Coronavirus, The Sings of Coronavirus infection includes Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath, and Gastrointestinal problem. The Servers cases which lead to Pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, Kidney failure and lead to death.

Coronavirus nCov Outbreak. Google Burmese Unicode- Google Zaygyi Code. ဘယ်လိုကာကွယ်မလဲ?ကျန်းမာရေးအရာရှိများသည်ဖျားနာသူတစ်ဦးအားမျက်နှာဖုံးစွပ်ခိုင်းစေနိုင်သည်။သို့သော်နေ့စဉ်လှုပ်ရှားမှုများပြုလုပ်နေသောလူများ အတွက်မျက်နှာဖုံး၀တ်ဆင်ရန်အကြံပြုချက်မရှိပါ။ ဗိုင်းရပ်စ်ပိုးဘယ်လိုကူးစက်သလ?Youtube:

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PowerPoint Slides in Burmese

Recent red effect countries- China is the main, japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, United States, Australia, Europe, and France. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Translated by HWB

More 2000 cases report in Wuhan, China alone and at least 80-90 cases confirmed deads. The Dead trolling reminded the 2012 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) which spread to 27 countries and more than 2150 cases, and at least 800 deaths.

In Burmese
Translated by HWB

Again, The worst cases reported in Southern China in 2002, spread to 30 countries, at least 8000 cases, and more than 800 deaths- Reported by CDC, WHO, AL Jazeera, etc. The following presentation was collected and composed the summary of the Corona-virus transmits and prevention education to people who are English as a second language. Educated each other how to prevent this disease is the most important in the community you live in. Please read and watch the following Slide.

In Burmese
Translated by HWB

Prevent the Covid-19 together in the Karen language. As part of my Enviro-Occupational Health and Safety Science Program. I like to contribute;
We need to stay home to help the Government, CDC, WHO and Healthcare workers to do their jobs to stop the COVID-19. We can help by Stay home, avoid public crowding, and isolation at home. Healthcare workers are working hard to prevent the disease spreading- We need to do out part too.
Clean your home
Clean your hands
Stay home
Eat Healthy meals
Get enough Sleep

Prevent the covid-19 together in Karen language
In Burmese
Translated by HWB

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